School / training / workCan I do training in Germany without a school-leaving qualification?

A school-leaving qualification is not a requirement for vocational training. Anyone can apply - with or without a school-leaving qualification. 

It is clear, however, that the better the qualification, the better the chances of finding a training place. And young people without a school-leaving qualification have little chance of finding a good training place. But you can still try, and there are at least 2 reasons for this. Number one: a lack of applicants. Number two: understanding.

There are companies that have problems finding trainees. Particularly in rural regions and in eastern Germany the chances for applicants without a school-leaving qualification are higher than in the densely populated areas.

There are enough companies that are happy to give young people a chance even without a school-leaving qualification. It might be that the trainer is a migrant and knows the bumpy road of finding a training position.

The Employment Agency can help you find a suitable training place. There are also plenty of possibilities to get a school-leaving qualification.